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Since 1999, we are a German-based pioneer in the development of large-scale Internet systems. We are known for building brilliant software-products fast. And for a company-culture that puts learning first. Our business is booming and we plan to open a new office in Porto. Ponte Dom Luis. São Francisco. Casa da Música. We are excited for Porto and its amazingly vibrant tech-scene. Together with you!

Nº de Vagas: 1-5 vagas

Tipo: Full-time

Salário(por ano): .

Setor: Tecnologias de Informacao

Função: Developer TI, Engenharia Informatica

Região: Porto

Freiheit 5
Freiheit 5

Release the best version. Of yourself. 

  • You have studied computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics or something similar, but programming is your real passion.
  • You are thrilled every day that you can create something new with your computer from scratch and you want to learn all about it. 

That's why you want to take the next step and become an excellent software engineer. Now is the time. And Porto will be place. Because our company fully focuses on continuous learning and the development of your skills.

Learn something new. Every day. 

  • As a Software Engineer at freiheitcom technologies, you will help shape the digital future in Europe with your ideas. And you will learn something new every day. 

What you’ll learn. And do. 

  • In small teams you will learn how to develop large cloud-based software systems in Go, Java, Clojure, Scala, sometimes in Haskell and how to improve them with Data Science and Machine Learning.
  • From conception to launch, you will be involved in all levels of software development and learn how to develop ideas in a team and deliver great software products in very short, continuous cycles.
  • You benefit daily from the exchange of knowledge in an international team of excellent and very experienced computer scientists, physicists and mathematicians. More than ninety percent of your colleagues are software engineers. 
  • From Augmented Reality to Machine Learning: In the freiheitcom factions you can continuously work with future technologies in addition to your projects. 
  • Weekly HackerTalks, in which our teams share their experience, and a variety of training sessions help you to develop your programming skills. 

What you bring.

  • You have already discovered your passion for computer programming.
  • Your thirst for knowledge is unquenchable!
  • You have the urge to learn new things and are curious.
  • You strive for continuous improvement, critically question the existing and want to put your ideas into practice.
  • You want to continuously improve your skills as a software engineer with every new project, every new technology, and to really make a difference with your skills.
  • You are looking for an entry-level position that gives you a steep learning curve, quick assumption of responsibility and plenty of room to manoeuvre.
  • You have studied computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics or something similar.

Let’s shape tomorrow. Together. 

  • Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Augmented Reality. We love technical challenges! 
  • Today, more than one hundred experienced software engineers from all over the world work at freiheitcom technologies. We strive and dare to learn something new every day, to share our knowledge and to grow beyond ourselves. A thirst for knowledge and a willingness to change characterize our open, personal and idea-driven hacker culture.
  • What unites us is our pioneering spirit. The conviction that we all have the freedom to make our world better with technology. We enjoy developing brilliant solutions for complex problems in small teams. And to shape the future of our customers with great software products. This is why notable companies entrust us with their most important projects. 

Join us. Now. 

  • Be part of it? Then send us your complete application documents (curriculum vitae, references and salary expectations).




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